Barre Pop-Up

Barre is a combination of Pilates, yoga, strength training and dance. It’s a low impact workout that involves high repetitions of small movements and isometric holds using light weights or body weight. Barre workouts target and tone both big and small muscles, creating a long, lean look. Barre helps to improve strength, muscle tone, balance, flexibility and posture. Bring your mat.

  • Instructor – Amy Downing
  • Class is limited to 12.
  • Registration required.
  • Free to members

March 15th, 6-7 pm

March 22nd, 6-7pm

Fusion Pop-Up

Fusion combines Barre, Pilates & Yoga stretches for a low impact, full body workout. Both light weights and body weight are utilized to tone muscles and build strength. This workout will also help to increase core strength and flexibility, as well as improving balance and posture. Bring your mat.

  • Instructor – Amy Downing
  • Class is limited to 12
  • Registration required
  • Free to members

March 26th, 9-10 am

Quick Start to Weight Management Pop-Up

‘Swing into Spring’ with a complimentary class providing tips and tricks on weight management for a healthier you. Led by Clinical Dietitian, Sophia Friedeborn, MS, RDN, LDN. 

  • Instructor – Sophia Friedeborn
  • Free to public
  • Class is limited to 12.
  • Registration Required.

March 29th, 6:30-7:30 pm


TRX / Cardio Classes

Take your strength to a new level and try this suspension TRX workout. Great for ALL levels from beginners to advanced. TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. This is combined with a cardio station for a complete full-body workout. Classes consist of one instructor working with a group of 2 to 8 participants to ensure individualized attention to achieve results.

  • Instructor – Linda Love
  • Mondays & Fridays
  • Classes limited to 8
  • Registration Required
  • Free to members

Mondays 10 to 10:45am

Fridays 10 to 10:45am

Strength & Conditioning Classes

After a dynamic warm, up, the first half of class will focus on building strength and muscular endurance through functional, effective exercises using bodyweight and equipment.  During the second half of class, participants will work through a series of fun, higher intensity interval training exercises. This series is low-to-no-impact. All fitness levels are welcome!

  • Instructor – Elizabeth Watkins
  • Monday’s 5-6pm
  • Registration Required
  • Free to members