Wellness / Nutrition

Wellness / Nutrition

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Bio: Jenn Barr - Nutrition and Weight Management

Supporting the nutritional and wellness needs of the community, Jenn Barr and her team of registered dietitian nutritionist are very diverse and have helped members of the community with basic nutritional guidance as well as addressing more specific health concerns:  diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal issues, intuitive/mindful eating, eating disorders and tendencies, PCOS, fertility challenges, endometriosis, sports nutrition, and thyroid disorders.

If you have concerns, such as weight, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, digestive health, cycles, and energy levels, meal plans and how-to-tools will be provided to apply the skills and education for improved health.

Jenn’s team of healthcare providers hold certificates of advanced training in areas such as weight management, intuitive eating, eating disorders, integrative and functional nutrition, sports nutrition, diabetes care and education, gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular health, and thyroid disorders.

In-network with most major insurance companies including BCBS (State and Federal), IBX, Highmark, Cigna, United, Aetna and Medicare with a referral. Many medical nutritional therapy visits do not require a copay and members/patients are provided multiple visits per calendar year. Sliding scale rates are available, as well as pro bono services for at-risk underserved populations. Jenn’s team believes ‘health is a right for everyone’.

Jennifer O. Barr, MPH, CDCES, RDN, LDN

What is Integrative and Functional Nutrition?

A whole-foods, whole-person approach to nutrition and health.     
                                                                                                    Functional Medicine is the practice of client centered wellness, not disease centered care. It addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional medicine looks at a client’s history and the interactions between genetics, lifestyle, environmental factors that can all influence their long-term health and wellness. At its most simple definition, “It works on the roots, so the entire body can thrive.”
Wellness Coaches do not diagnose or prescribe, but rather help to educate, simplify, encourage and empower clients towards change.